11 Traits of Successful Global Leaders

Morgan McCall conducted a study of 838 managers working in 6 different international corporations and successfully identified 11 key characteristics possessed by these managers in an attempt to predict success within global business (Clawson, 2012). The 11 characteristics identified as indicators of success were: Overseas experience, deep self-awareness, culturally diverse, humility, lifelong learning & curiosity, … More 11 Traits of Successful Global Leaders

The Pygmalion Effect

“The ‘Pygmalion effect,’ also sometimes known as the ‘Rosenthal effect’ for the psychologist credited with discovering it, is a theory teaching that people will act or behave in the way that others expect them to”. It is very similar to the concept of a self-fulfilling prophecy and as such the Pygmalion effect can have both … More The Pygmalion Effect

Addressing Similarities & Differences

Different people react differently to leadership tactics and strategies, while similar people will likely react similarly. It is the leaders job to correctly identify the type of person which whom they are dealing and adopt the appropriate leadership strategy for that specific type of person, time period, culture, and environment. There are seven levels at … More Addressing Similarities & Differences

Revolutionary Strategy

During my research I have found that there are many different strategic models when it comes to promoting growth, sustainability, and competitive advantage in the business world today. These models have been vetted and implemented in organizations around the world to much success. In our ever changing world progress is the driving force and innovation … More Revolutionary Strategy

Strength & Courage

Courage is essential to be successful in all aspects of life. It is important on spiritual, relational, and financial levels. Koerner (2014) states that “Courage is at the heart of the collaboration required for the innovative and entrepreneurial endeavors that allow organizations to thrive” (p. 65). A leader exhibits courage when he/she identifys an issue … More Strength & Courage

A bovine wealth-creating portfolio for Africa—Investing in cows remotely (like diamonds and gold)

Originally posted on ILRI Clippings:
The colour of this Nguni animal is inkomo eyezindlu, or ‘the beast which is houses’ in Zulu. From The Abundant Herds: A Celebration of the Nguni Cattle of the Zulu People, written by Marguerite Poland and David Hammond-Tooke and illustrated by Leigh Voigt, republished by Fernwood Press in 2015. ‘Meet…

The Briefcase.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, I know I did. My girlfriend B. and I got snowed in this year while spending time with my family in the Texas Panhandle. Amidst blizzard conditions and 10’ snow drifts we became closer as a family and ended up having a very memorable Christmas 2015. My father … More The Briefcase.