About JohnHollison

I started this blog to connect and interact with like minded individuals and give me a place to record my thoughts in a long form that Instagram and Twitter (@johnhollison) just cannot provide. This is an “About Me” post and might understandably be a little bland. A quick glance over this post will provide the reader with some context such as where I am from, what I’ve done, where I’m going and so forth.

My name is John and I grew up in the Texas Panhandle on a successful farm and ranch. I did excellent in school but distractions (girls, work, sports, etc.) led to me graduating barely within the top 25% of my class, although I should have been in the top 10%. I was never really challenged in school and because of this was a little bit of a trouble maker. I was extremely interested in agriculture and had projects such as farming corn, cotton, and sorghum on 56 acres of land that I had been given oversight of by my father throughout high school. On that 56 acres I worked to install the first  successful “Drip Irrigation” system in the entire county. My father purchased that land for $350 an acre and when I graduated high school it was sold for $2,300 an acre. I didn’t know it then but I was building my own college fund. I was also an avid livestock shower and always had some calves, sheep, or hogs around the farm. We were well respected within the community and always had competitive animals.

I received a livestock judging scholarship to a local junior college where I decided to study a trade, welding. I never ended up judging livestock for the college but did receive my welder’s certification. I wanted to go strait to work on the pipeline but on the advice (threats) of my mother and grandmother I decided to pursue an education at the university level. I applied to several D1 Texas schools and was accepted to all that I applied. In the end I decided to attend a reputable D2 school that my life-long best friend was attending. I had a great time throughout college and graduated with honors receiving BS in Animal Industries, which focused on ranch, feedlot, dairy, packer & processor operations. Immediately following graduation I got a job and enrolled into the university’s MBA program. While continuing to work towards completing my MBA, I am currently employed as a Loan Officer at a small rural bank where I specialize in cattle marketing and lending. I manage to find some time between work and school to engage in activities I enjoy such as reading, golfing, fishing, hunting, team sports, weight training, and snow skiing. As far as creative interests I am skilled in carpentry and leather-craft. I enjoy making beautiful items that will last a lifetime for people who respect and admire excellent craftsmanship.

I have always had an entrepreneurial drive. Over the years I always seemed to have some sort of business or hustle going constantly. In the past I’ve had small businesses centered around: Buying & selling hay, hunting/ fishing outfitting, welding, carpentry, leather fabrication/repair, land clearing, firewood sales, training horses, trading cattle, and hot-shot hauling just mention a few. I am used to working outside and with my hands. I haven’t ever had a typical “9-5” job in my life until recently. Working at the bank in an office all day is very different from the type of work that I am used to. My ultimate goal is to one day own & operate my own farm/ranch in order to provide my future children with the same opportunities that I was given by my father growing up.

Thank you for reading this first blog post. Now that you know a little about me please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below or suggest a topic for my next blog post. The direction of this blog is still amorphous but is beginning to take shape. I have decided to jump into blogging with both feet and any advice or constructive criticism you could provide would be appreciated. Again thank you for your time and God bless.




2 thoughts on “About JohnHollison

  1. Hi John,
    It seems to me you have an interesting perspective and story to tell. I immediately think of the long history between farm/ranchers and bankers. You have a foot and now understanding in both worlds. Good luck!


    1. I realize that I am in a position where I can comment on both sides of this relationship. I hope that I will be able to provide valuable insights to both farmers/ranchers and individuals involved in financial services. Thank you for the comment Eric!


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