Accountability in Action

It is the beginning of a new year and many people have made resolutions to better themselves or their circumstances. Which is good, everyone should have goals or at least something to work towards at all times. I consider the “New Year’s Resolution” a simple reaffirmation of previously acknowledged goals and a renewal of commitment. The problem with resolutions or goals is often the follow through. Many people joke this time of year that the gym is always busiest the first few weeks of January, but inevitably by the end of the month most of the new faces are nowhere to be seen. I have always made resolutions and have, for the most part, worked diligently through the years to achieve them. I have succeeded in some cases and failed in others. I’m sure that most people would agree that this is a typical experience. What I want to inform the reader about today is something that I will be using to achieve my goals during 2016.

The first podcast I listened to in 2016 was The Tim Ferriss Show , an excellently produced podcast that I have mentioned before in the post: JohnHollison’s Top 6 Podcasts of 2015. The first podcast episode of the year from Ferriss was titled appropriately: “Recommendations and Resolutions for 2016” where he interviewed tech entrepreneur and investor, Kevin Rose. In this episode Tim and Kevin discuss exactly what resolutions are, why you should make them, how to achieve them, and why people fail. What I gained from this most recent podcast from Tim was not just a better understanding of resolutions and how to successfully achieve them but also a way to mitigate the largest cause of failure regarding New Year’s Resolutions, accountability. In this podcast Kevin mentions that he has been utilizing a new app to hold himself accountable for the small things in his life, that if attended to, lead to big changes over time. The app he uses is called Way of Life .

What this app does is allow the user to set daily goals and track progress through very efficient analytical tools and charts. Some examples of my own personal daily goals are: Talk to a family member, drink water, IMG_0880exercise, set daily priorities, and pray (plus many more).  The best thing about Way of Life is that it is controlled by either answering “yes” or “no” to each of your daily goals, that’s it. This app doesn’t have tons of options or inputs like other goal tracking apps. You simply answer yes or no. Did I drink water today? Yes. It’s that simple. The app comes pre-loaded with ideas of things to track as well as allowing customizable entries. It maintains accountability by  allowing the user to set a reminder to log progress for the day, everyday. Personally I have a reminder set for 10:00pm and once the app is opened it only takes about 30 seconds to update around 10 items. Where this app really shines is in its beautifully designed analytical tools and charts where progress and historical data can be shown for each item individually or collated by category (health, productivity, etc.) to be easily interpreted by the user.

I know that this seems like a shameless plug for the product but I assure you that I would not promote something unless I would use myself. In fact after only using the app for a couple of days I decided to purchase the “Pro” version ($4.99) from the iTunes app store in order to track more activities than is possible in the free version. I am a strong supporter of this app and look forward to answering the yes or no questions every evening. In the past I have tried to track my daily goals and activities in a variety of ways such as creating extensive spreadsheets, using Evernote or hand-writing things down. Nothing ever seemed to work, I would always forget or the process would take too much time to be a long-term solution. This app, although I have only had it since Monday 01/04/16, has already made a difference in my daily activities. I am being held accountable regarding my progress towards my goals on my own terms.

Lack of accountability is the main cause of individuals giving up on their own personal goals, big or small. When considering your New Years Resolutions, ask yourself “Am I being held accountable?” If not I suggest that you download the free Way of Life App and at least give it a try. I think that it is a fun and productive app that provides a quick, simple, and efficient way to monitor your progress and hold yourself accountable. I look forward to posting a future update regarding my progress towards my goals this year and my overall satisfaction with the app. I’m ready to kick ass in 2016, how about you?

-JohnHollison –


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