A bovine wealth-creating portfolio for Africa—Investing in cows remotely (like diamonds and gold)

Wow, this is an excellent idea.

ILRI Clippings


The colour of this Nguni animal is inkomo eyezindlu, or ‘the beast which is houses’ in Zulu. From The Abundant Herds: A Celebration of the Nguni Cattle of the Zulu People, written by Marguerite Poland and David Hammond-Tooke and illustrated by Leigh Voigt, republished by Fernwood Press in 2015.

‘Meet Ntuthuko Shezi, the man on a mission to unlock the value of cows by turning cattle into a global asset of value comparable to mineral resources like diamonds and gold. . . .

His latest business venture Livestock Wealth was born out of the need to design wealth creation investment opportunities for Africans in an unpretentious way that the intended beneficiaries could understand.

Livestock Wealth is a digital, trademarked “crowd-farming” platform officially launched in October this year that allows wannabe farmers–who don’t know the first thing about farming, let alone owning land, to establish a farm–to invest in…

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